Want to start a career in the insurance industry?

Did you know that some of the hottest jobs in finance aren in insurance?

Insurance is a multibillion business that employs hundreds of thousands of Filipinos. As the population ages and wealth grows, the demand for insurance professionals will increase dramatically. This is great news for you if you're thinking of going in to insurance. Jobs in insurance involve helping individuals and business manage risk to protect themselves from catastrophic losses and to anticipate potential problems. Work in this area is not only personally rewarding, but can be financially rewarding as well.

Insurance is a stable yet dynamic industry that provides a wealth of advancement and career opportunities. From administrative support to management programs, from sales to information technology, from accounting to customer service ... anything you want to do in business, you can do in the insurance industry!

You will help clients understand their insurance needs, explain their options to them and hopefully help them purchase appropriate insurance policies. You could work in a variety of areas in insurance including as an underwriter, a sales representative, an asset manager, a customer service rep or an actuary. A theme that is constantly emphasized by insurance professionals is that the industry is ultimately about helping people when they need it the most. The stereotype of a slick, sleazy, fast-talking insurance salesman is largely a thing of the past.


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