Career Options in Insurance

Are you contemplating on starting a career in insurance?

Here are possible career options for you if you are really interested:


Actuaries use their analytical skills to predict the risk of writing insurance policies on property, businesses and people's lives and health. Why does automobile cost so much more if you under the age of 25? Because an actuary somewhere found that the risk of insuring automobiles is highly age-dependent. Actuaries are a crucial part of the insurance process because they use statistical and mathematical analysis to determine the risk of providing coverage. To perform effectively, actuaries must be informed about general societal trends and legislative developments which may affect risk. Actuaries can work either within insurance companies or for government, pension planning organizations or third-party advisors.

Agent and Broker

Agents and brokers advise people and organizations on how to protect things they value by selling customers insurance contracts. You will be the first person contacted after an accident, fire or injury. An understanding of insurance contracts is essential to this type of occupation. A career as an agent or broker can be financially rewarding. This work is highly time-flexible, requires some background in business and is best if you enjoy interacting with people.

Claims Adjuster

Adjusters negotiate insurance claims with people have experienced a loss. The adjuster is responsible for reaching a claim settlement that is fair to all parties. Doing well in this job requires a person who is resourceful, tactful and good with people. Some adjusters work in the field, while others work out of an office.

Service Representatives

Service representatives are the link in the field between agents who sell policies and insurance companies who write the policies. Field representatives must be good listeners and communicators. This position requires knowledge of your companies products and ability to establish good rapport with those working for your companies. A background in liberal arts can be a great preparation for this type of position.

Loss Control Specialist

As a loss control specialist your job is to help keep accident and losses to a minimum. You will visit factories, shop floors and businesses to identify potential hazards and help to eliminate them. In the health insurance area you might work with an organization to promote preventive health care in the workplace or to limit exposure to certain types of ailments. This work requires an understanding of safety management or engineering. A combination of a technical major and a business major would be outstanding preparation for this job.

Risk Manager

A risk manager is employed by an organization to help identify the risks that it faces and to make recommendations for dealing with these risks. The recommendations may include the purchase of insurance, adoption of precautionary measures and presentations to upper management. Risk managers are involved in the management of employee benefit plans. Valuable skills include knowledge of the insurance industry and of business practice as well as skill in making presentations to upper management.


Underwriters decide whether to provide insurance to applicants seeking coverage. An underwriter evaluates an applicant's exposure to risk and decides whether an applicant meets an insurer's standards. An underwriter may also become involved in setting prices for insurance applicants.


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