Mission and Vision

Our Vision 2020

PIRA is the Institutional Leader cohesive, trusted, self-regulated in a growing non-life insurance Industry

Our Mission

To promote the general welfare and common interests of non-life insurance, surety and professional reinsurance companies doing business in the Philippines and the general public, through ways and means consistent with law.

To provide leadership, guidance and direction to the non-life insurance industry;


To propagate and spread the concept, principles and benefits of non-life insurance and surety business and to this end conduct educational campaigns, training seminars, workshops, conferences and lectures.

To create a positive image of the non-life insurance industry in the country and in the region;


To serve as a forum for the exchange of information on matters involving or affecting the non-life insurance, surety and reinsurance industries both local and international.

To make PIRA a reliable source of insurance-related statistics, forms and information;


To foster unity, goodwill and cooperation among its members in order that collective actions or pursuits in all matters of common interest to them may be facilitated.

To promote a harmonious environment where members voluntarily comply;


Our Core Values












The non-life insurance industry thrives on its TRUST with one another and the trust of our clients to deliver the promises we made for which we are ACCOUNTABLE, and in the process of such fulfillment, we exercise COMPASSION AND PROFESSIONALISM to maintain our INTEGRITY and to ensure a resilient and sustainable industry

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